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PHCL began its journey when we purchased small rural practices that were on the brink of closure. Our network now includes practices of all shapes and sizes, but general practice ownership remains at the heart of what we do. 

There are many reasons people consider selling their practice.

Simplify your GP career

Sometimes the business of running a general practice can become overwhelming and get in the way of delivering care. As expert general practice owners we can simplify life by taking on the business administration side of things, so you can get back to doctoring (or the golf course). 

Improve health care delivery

In health the one constant is change, and staying on top of it can be challenging. Joining a large network of practices offers an opportunity to improve your systems and processes, leveraging our expert knowledge to create efficiencies and enable you to improve health care delivery.

Towards retirement

Many solo GP owners are now considering what comes next for their practice as they look toward retirement. Planning for the future sale of your practice can be an important step when considering your retirement options.

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