Skin clinic services available at Hillcrest Medical Centre

04 Nov 2021 | News

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Hillcrest Medical Centre’s new skin clinic services will help ensure early detection and treatment to reduce the impact on health.

Dr Harvey Govender provides skin cancer checks, diagnosis and treatment services at Hillcrest Medical Centre. This includes surgical removal of skin cancers, both melanoma and non-melanoma. Waiting time for an appointment is minimal.

Dr Govender has been a GP in Hillcrest for 25 years. He trained in Johannesburg, South Africa, and emigrated with his family to New Zealand in 1995. Skin cancer is both his sub-specialty and his passion. With 25 years’ experience in minor surgical procedures, he has also attended skin cancer surgical training in Australia and has a Diploma in Skin Cancer Surgery (Healthcert).

For even better surgical outcomes Hillcrest Medical Centre has invested in a new piece of surgical equipment that uses advanced radio-wave technology to improve precision and minimise thermal injury to the skin. The Surgitron can also be used to remove non-cancerous moles. “The small wounds heal just like a graze does, which means benign (non-cancerous) lesions can often be removed with minimal scarring,” says Dr Govender.

Patients can book a consultation with Dr Govender directly, and GPs from other practices can also make a referral. Fees and funding can be discussed at the time of consultation.

From December 2021 Hillcrest Medical Centre will also offer MoleMap services to monitor changes and detect melanoma at the earliest possible stage. “This new dermoscopy imaging equipment is on the way and our nurses are undergoing training. In early 2022 we will deliver even more comprehensive skin clinic services, so people with skin concerns can go through the whole process in one place, in a very timely way,” says Dr Govender.