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Stability, security and a supportive work environment

07 Sep 2021 | News
Mt Maunganui.

Working in a collaborative team environment where preventative medicine is at the forefront of patient care was something Dr Michael Oehley always envisaged when he became a GP. He found it, and more, at PHCL. As GP and clinical lead of PHCL's NorthCare Grandview practice, Michael has job security, work-life balance, professional development and time to deliver holistic care for his patients, all while keeping on top of paperwork. It's a career and lifestyle he can't recommend highly enough to fellow GPs.

After working for more than a decade as a practising GP in New Zealand and Australia, Dr Michael Oehley combined his passion for preventative healthcare with his business acumen to establish the Waikato Travel Clinic. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Providing high-quality, evidence-based pre-travel medical care was no longer a viable option when New Zealand’s borders were closed, so Michael needed to find job security elsewhere.

But Michael wasn’t looking for just any GP role. He wanted to work in an environment where proactive patient care and a holistic approach to health was at the forefront of general practice. He found it at Primary Health Care Ltd (PHCL) clinic, NorthCare Grandview.

"This is a clinic environment focused on improving patient outcomes, and everything we do supports that. The processes we have in place, the team structures in each clinic, the technology, the collaboration across our network of practices – it’s all designed to ensure we deliver on providing proactive patient care," says Michael.

And it’s not just the patients benefitting from PHCL's approach. "As a GP, I’m well remunerated, our targets are quality targets and achievable by way of quality care.

I have time for paperwork, my patient roll is manageable, professional development is encouraged and, as a staff member, I can enjoy a number of benefits."

The stability and work-life balance Michael has found with PHCL also give him time to engage in interestsoutside of the clinic – writing, running, tennis, and family time with his wife and two children. He’s also the chief examiner for the Royal New Zealand College of GPs.

"I’ve achieved real job satisfaction in this role," says Michael. "I’m part of a team, I have time to really see my patients, keep on top of things and provide good quality preventative medicine. And I get to do it all living in one of the best cities in New Zealand. Hamilton offers so much for families – bike tracks, walkways, we’re close to the Bay of Plenty and Rotorua, mountains, beaches, and it’s a really family friendly city with great restaurants."

Passionate about preventative healthcare for families and children, travel medicine, acute care and medical education, Michael has found a career and lifestyle he can’t recommend highly enough to his fellow GPs, from both New Zealand and abroad.