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Imagine having control of your working day. You deliver the quality of care you know your patients need, your lunch break includes a walk on the beach, and dinner time is seated around the table with your family. That’s the kind of day that could be yours.

At Primary Health Care Ltd (PHCL) we’re looking for experienced GPs and nurse practitioners to join our network of clinics across the North Island of New Zealand. 

You'll have the opportunity to work in an environment that is people-centric, patient-focused, professionally supported and dedicated to providing a proactive approach to healthcare delivery, all while giving you time in your day to do what you enjoy doing.

Our collaborative approach includes daily communication across the network of practices. This provides opportunities for sharing best practice and enables clinics to call on support when required.

PHCL practices deliver Health Care Home, a primary healthcare model that has been designed to support the everyday needs of general practices, while keeping the focus on the most important thing - the patient.



Primary Health Care Ltd is owned by Ventures, part of Pinnacle Incorporated. You can view our current vacancies below.

We also welcome enquiries from people considering the next steps in their health career, or interested in relocating to New Zealand. 


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What we offer

To deliver on the Health Care Home model of care, we make sure our GPs and support staff have a working environment that allows them to take a proactive approach to patient health. Throughout our network of practices you will find:

Local leadership teams: Each PHCL practice has a local leadership team, which consists of a lead GP, lead nurse and practice manager. These roles have the autonomy to react to local needs and shape services around their community, while working in collaboration with other practice leadership teams across the network.

Extensive support roles: PHCL practice GPs have the support of medical centre assistants, clinical pharmacists, and physicians within each clinic.

Centralised support services: Patients are at the centre of our care model and to enable our GPs to deliver on this care, we provide centralised support services for functions including finance, human resources, communications and management.

Innovative healthcare approach: PHCL practices act as a showcase for the latest healthcare innovations, demonstrating their effectiveness and driving their adoption. From new technologies to ways of working, PHCL practices are innovative, forward-thinking and leaders in change for the better.

Standardisation of facilities: PHCL practices have been designed to provide flexibility for staff to deliver the highest level of patient care. Staff can work out of any consult rooms and have designated break out areas in which to enjoy collegial conversation and a well-earned cup of tea!

Staff benefits: We also offer a range of staff benefits, from medical insurance to counselling support, fuel cards to nationwide retail discounts.

Take care of your work day

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about employment opportunities within our collaborative practice network.

Individualised support packages are available for people looking to relocate to New Zealand.