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Happy or not? April 2022

13 Apr 2022 | News

During the week 4-10 April 2022 we ran a customer feedback survey across all Primary Health Care Ltd practices, giving patients the option to let us know about their experience that day. We also asked whether patients would like to continue to have the option of virtual consults after COVID-19.

Of 427 respondents, 69 per cent said they would like to continue to have the option of virtual consults, with the top reasons being that it saves time and allows people to see their doctor from anywhere. However, virtual consults don’t suit everyone and 23 per cent of respondents said they prefer face to face. We take this feedback onboard, and look forward to having more face to face appointments as we pass the peak of Omicron infection in the community.

Our favourite positive comment was, “The experience was wonderful and so was the doctor even though this was my first virtual meeting with him. He made me feel comfortable and ensured I understood what he was talking about. Felt like having him physically present.”

On average around two-thirds of patients were happy with their experience. This is a good result, but we know there’s room for improvement. Common feedback was that people are frustrated with the wait time for appointments, which we weren’t surprised to hear given the pressure our practices have been under while supporting patients to manage COVID-19 at home.

We thank our communities for their patience over the past few months, which have seen our practices managing an unprecedented workload while often short-staffed. We’ll keep working hard to ensure everyone gets the right medical care as soon as possible, and we can’t wait to see more people in person as we progressively return to business as usual.

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