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MoleMap available at NorthCare Pukete Road

22 Jun 2023 | Health notice

Melanoma is fast-growing and the most life-threatening of all skin cancers. Early detection is your skin's best chance against melanoma.

The MoleMap skin-map­ping sys­tem is designed to look deep inside a mole’s struc­ture to detect any poten­tial skin can­cers that can’t be seen with visu­al checks. 

NorthCare Pukete has partnered with MoleMap to offer skin check services to registered patients at all PHCL practices.

Are you at risk of melanoma?

Check if any of the following risk factors apply to you...

  • You work or play outdoors.
  • You've been sunburned in the past.
  • You're fair skinned and/or freckled.
  • You or someone in your family has had melanoma. 
  • You have a lot of moles.
  • You have unusual looking moles.
  • You're aged 50+.

If you have two or more risk factors, chances are you have a higher risk of melanoma.

What is a skin check?

A skin check is carried out by our friendly nurses who have been trained by MoleMap and are now fully qualified melanographers.

The skin check is done in a consultation room at our clinic. It is a thorough, head to toe check of your skin, using a skin-mapping system to check, identify and take images of any moles showing features of skin cancer.

Potential skin cancers are referred for expert diagnosis by a dermatologist, and if removal is recommended you'll be referred to one of our GPs or a skin specialist for minor surgery. 

Your skin is always changing, so it's also a good idea to carry out a regular self-check of your skin every three months. This helpful guide (PDF) explains how to do it, and what to look for. 

Consultation fees

Mole Map spot check $169

Quick and easy - a thorough check of up to three moles of concern for signs of skin cancer + diagnosis by a dermatologist. 

Who it's for: Suitable if you have up to three moles or spots that are concerning you, or you need a second opinion.

Skin check $219

The standard service - a thorough skin assessment for existing signs of skin cancer by a trained skin cancer nurse + diagnosis by a dermatologist. Up to five lesions included.

Who it's for: Great if you have a lower risk of skin cancer, need a second opinion, or want the peace of mind of a thorough skin cancer check by experts. 

Skin check plus $269

Skin check plus is now available at NorthCare Pukete.  

Great value - a thorough skin assessment + a full body photographic record of your skin for comparison when self-checking or at later appointments. Up to five lesions included.

Who it's for: Ideal if you're low to moderate risk, have a moderate number of moles or sun damage, and want the added reassurance of having a baseline photographic record of your skin. 

Full body mole map $399

Full body mole mapping is now available at NorthCare Pukete. 

Our most comprehensive service - a complete mole-mapping programme for year-on-year monitoring + unlimited free spot checks for 12 months. Up to 50 lesions included. 

Who it's for: Suitable for everyone aged 16+ who is moderate to high risk, has a lot of moles and/or sun damage, and wants the total reassurance of our ongoing mole mapping and monitoring programme.  

Additional fees apply per consultation, if lesions exceed the number included.

Follow up full body mole map $319 - $425

Follow up full body mole mapping is now available at NorthCare Pukete for returning customers after 12 months. 

$319 - 0-25 lesions

$359 - 26-45 lesions

$399 - 46-65 lesions

$425 - 66+ lesions

Book an appointment

Contact NorthCare Pukete to book an appointment. 

NorthCare Pukete is running weekly MoleMap clinics, and will add further days if there is enough demand, so please get in touch if you're interested in this service.